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If you love dogs and you love to read, then you need books about dogs! Some of the books reviewed here are how-to’s that will help you care for your dog. Others are stories—true stories or fictional stories, inspiring or funny or thrilling stories—all featuring dogs (and sometimes their humans).

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"Little Dog, Lost" by Marion Dane Bauer, with illustrations by Jennifer A. Bell

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"Why Are Dogs' Noses Wet? And Other True Facts", by Howie Dewin

This short beautifully illustrated booklet has answers to a lot of things people might want to know about dogs. “THE DOG” series has appeal for the early reader as well as offering quick reads for young-at-heart readers of all ages.

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"The Genius of Dogs, How Dogs Are Smarter Than You Think", by Brian Hare and Vanessa Woods

Careful research by a husband-and-wife team of scientists proved what some dog-owners know – that in some ways our family canines are similar to our human babies. Read this interesting book of research, special dogs, and brave scientists that risk their lives and livelihoods.

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"First Dog": DVD Starring Eric Roberts, Tiny Lister, John-Paul Howard, Featuring Original Songs by Dolly Parton

This lost dog, a very important dog, motivates a quiet young boy to come out of his shell to perform a brave and good deed. This movie is a suspenseful delight, and good for all ages!

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“THE Royal TREATMENT; A Natural Approach to Wildly Healthy Pets” by Dr. Barbara Royal

This new book on dog (and animal) health is a must-read. This vet, Dr. Royal, provides very good advice! Her personal story is interesting too – it takes guts to break away from the main stream, and the payoff can be great.

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