Dog Training

Subtopics: Getting Started | Basic Skills | Advanced Skills | Canine Good Citizen | Tricks

Dog Training: An Overview

Old dogs do love to learn new tricks. And of course young ones too. Training is a practical and necessary part of helping a dog be successful in a people’s world. The basics – such as sit, stay, down, come – are constantly useful in pretty much every situation.

Not only is training practical, it is such a gift for the dog to connect with us. It really doesn’t matter what you teach. Break it into pieces and teach each piece, building up until you reach your goal. Your dog can enjoy working with you on each step.

Training is also leadership. For those who struggle with “being the boss” (or whatever you want to call it), training is an easy way to demonstrate leadership to your dog. Just teach your dog something! The teacher is always the leader.

Getting Started

Training your dog starts with you. When you know “how to be” with your dog, your day-to-day life together will go more smoothly, and training will progress more quickly.

Teaching Basic Skills

No tricks, nothing fancy, just the basic skills every dog-human pair needs to be able to live together in peace. This section comes after Getting Started, so go there now if you haven’t already.

Teaching Advanced Skills

Dog Momma’s motto is Always Be Training. Keep on training your dog to continue building the bond between you. Learning advanced skills also can help you and your dog cope with potentially stressful situations.

Canine Good Citizen

Dog Momma’s Logan is a certified Canine Good Citizen. We sure learned a lot in our CGC classes! Learn from our experience, and then decide if CGC certification is right for you and your dog.

Dog jumping along side his person


Astonish your friends and give your special canine a chance to shine! Tricks like “roll over” or “hide and seek” sure are fun—and teaching them strengthens the bond between you and your dog.

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