“THE Royal TREATMENT; A Natural Approach to Wildly Healthy Pets” by Dr. Barbara Royal

Review by Pam Marr Rybinski

This treatise may be a must-have for animal lovers, including the family members who love their dogs and cats. Dr. Royal, a traditionally-trained veterinarian, gradually morphed into a “pioneer veterinarian,” as she sought cures for both zoo and private practice animals who did not respond to traditional drugs and surgeries. She now is known as a “pioneer veterinarian, providing integrative care bridging Western and Eastern medicine.” She is certified in acupuncture and donates her expertise to shelters and wildlife rescue groups. She’s been a featured veterinarian on the Smithsonian Channel, and in 2012 was President-elect of the American Holistic Veterinary Medical Association.

To quote the good doctor, “It is far, far easier, more pleasant, and less costly to sustain natural health than to fight losing battles with avoidable diseases.” Her transition from a traditional vet to an innovative one was encouraged by her constant search for the reasons that some animals thrived in certain environments while others nearly died. One of her conclusions is that the GI tract of carnivores, including dogs and cats, “has not adapted to contend with processed grains.” By page 17 of her general observations and case studies, she shares that “My patients’ conditions dramatically improve when their owners follow my advice to gradually change the pet’s diet to eliminate corn and wheat.” If you have a human friend who is gluten-intolerant, you can appreciate that your pet also may be adversely affected by refined grains in their foods and treats.

Royal shares her trials and successes curing many animals including zoo inhabitants, family pets and shelter/rescue species. She shares basic actions to take with fevers, dog bites, signs of lameness, even electrical shock. There are warnings about letting collars get too tight, and she even includes a list of her favorite pet names. This is a book to use as a reference, or for you to read to expand your knowledge of both wild and domestic animals. For many it will be a valuable “must read.”

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