Getting Started

Some concepts apply to any new dog, no matter if she is a puppy, rescue, or a puppy that you’re rescuing. This section of the website covers these universal concepts.

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Introducing a New Dog Friend

Do you have friends who have dogs? Yes, of course.. because you both love dogs. Have your dogs meet each other and you will open doors for fun times ahead.

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Bringing the Dogs Together

It makes perfect sense for dogs to live with other dogs. It’s just our domesticated world that’s made it a bit tricky sometimes. Just do your homework, set yourself up for success, and watch the relationship(s) strengthen with time.

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Integrating the New Dog

This article focuses on integrating your new dog with the new household, including people and critters.

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New Dog: Do’s and Don’ts

This article picks out some key behaviors YOU need to have, to make sure your new dog succeeds.

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New Dog: Healthy and Safe

You won’t have the time or brain cells to learn everything you need to know before you introduce your new dog into your life. This article provides some key points to focus on.

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