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About Domino

October 19, 2016

Domino and his trainer.Dog training class is always special for dogs. That’s why I’ll be a lifelong student of dog classes – dogs enjoy it so much for so many reasons! But I don’t think I’ve ever seen a dog so happy to be in class as Domino. He beams with joy and enthusiasm, noticeably more here than at our average outings. I sense he is so darned happy to be included in what he observes by watching others in class – normal stuff that normal dogs do with their people. And learning… oh he wants it! Stop and think what a limited existence he has while he waits for his forever home, and how these shining moments must give him hope. He has been so very good in class – I think it’s fair to use the word “perfect” – attentive to every moment our teacher is talking or demonstrating and working diligently when we get to take our turns to practice. Today our teacher used Domino as the demo-dog for “stay” and I thought he might just melt right there on the spot. I know that I too am on-point in that environment – my promise to him is to try to be a good teacher to him in a variety of experiences in and out of class. If we can diversify his experience and exposure, and he can be this version of himself regularly, his successful adoption is only a matter of time. It’s hard, being at a constant disadvantage of not getting more than a couple hours a week together, but we will keep trying!

If you are interested in adopting Domino Click here to contact CompAnimals

Photos of Domino!

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