Dog Momma’s secret weapon is exercise. Give your dog lots of opportunities to work his body, and you’ll have a healthier dog with fewer behavioral problems.

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Fenced-In Yard

Do you need a fenced-in yard for your dog? And if so, what type? This article explores the benefits of a fenced-in yard, and ways to compensate if you don’t have one.

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Dog Parks

Dog parks can be great places for socialization. On the other hand, they can be too chaotic for dogs who like things quiet. The best way to find out if your dog enjoys a dog park is to try! Follow these guidelines and enjoy the adventure.

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Exercising Your Dog’s Senses

Exercise comes in many forms, and dogs experience exercise in many ways. This article helps you consider different types of exercise that will keep your dog well-rounded and happy.

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Exercising Your Dog

This series on exercising your dog is by far one of my favorites. If there’s one thing we tell people… our secret weapon is exercise. So many behavioral issues stem from not getting enough of it. And so much goodness comes from getting enough of it! This particular article is the beginning of the series.

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