Learn how to provide a wholesome natural dog diet that will keep your dog healthy and happy.

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Salmon Dog Training Treats

Does your dog love fish? Probably! And you will treasure this dog training treat recipe – it is the perfect combination of easy, healthy and effective.

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What Did My Dogs Eat Today?

What did my dogs eat today? I get that question all the time! The answer is: Variety. This article describes a typical day of dog food, plus potential variations.

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Veggie Glop

Veggie glop is a great “side dish” for dogs in a home made diet. It is easy to make quickly in a food processor. It includes a variety of ingredients your dog needs in smaller doses.

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Product Review: Peoplefood for Dogs

We have discovered a small company making simple, healthy dog food. Peoplefood for Dogs focuses on chicken-based meals to nurse sick dogs back to health, and also offers a variety of healthy treats.

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Treats - Overview

There are tons of dog treats available, whether you buy they or make them. This overview helps you think about what kind of treat you need for what purpose.

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